NFS shares for the cluster

Matching NFS domain: On the Solaris server, add the following line to the file /etc/default/nfs

On the Linux client, add the following line to the file /etc/idmapd.conf Domain =

Matching UID and GID: The user ID (uid) and group ID (gid) on both the Solaris machine and the Linux machine MUST match. On the client, check the UID and GID with 'id' uid=1000(patrick) gid=100(users)

The group will need to be created on the server. To do so: groupadd -g 1000 patrick

Once the group is created, the user needs to have his/her uid and gid changed as appropriate. You can either do this at user creation, or modify an existing user. To do this at creation (-m creates home directory): # useradd -m -u 1000 -g 1000 patrick

Or, to modify an existing user:

# usermod -u 1000 patrick and # groupmod -g 1000 patrick

Sharing the ZFS volume: To share a ZFS volume over NFS, we need to set the volume to be read-write for the client IP and have a UID matching the client's UID:

sudo zfs set sharenfs='rw=@,rw=@,rw=@,rw=@,rw=@,rw=@,ro=@,anon=1000' tank/patrick

Mounting the NFS share: On the remote host, add the following line to /etc/fstab:       /home/patrick   nfs     rw      0       0