Setting up Gmail for university mail

This page will show how to configure your gmail account to cooperate with your university mail. These instructions should work for any student email account at this university.

Forwarding email from Office365

Log in to your university email. Click on Settings->Options in the top right corner.

Now click on the organize email tab on the left, and then the inbox rules at the top. Then create a new rule for arriving messages. on the new inbox rule page click the more options link and use the following rules

  • Stop processing more rules
  • checked
  • Name:
  • gmail-redirect
  • When the message arrives, and:
  • [Apply to all messages]
  • Do the following:
  • move the message to folder 'Gmail'
  • and redirect the message to ''

Now save the rule. This rule will move all messages received from university mail to your gmail folder and redirect the message to your gmail account. You should not need to check this mail account anymore.

Sending university mail through gmail

Log into your gmail account. Under Settings->Accounts and Import -> Send mail as click on Add another email address you own

  • Enter information about your other email address.
  • Name: Your Name
  • Email address:
  • Treat as an alias: checked
  • Send mail through your SMTP server?
  • Send through SMTP servers: checked
  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 587
  • Username:
  • Password: yourpassword

Save these settings and you should be able to send mail from your university mail with the dropdown in the gmail compose new message window